Musical instruments have always fascinated visuals artists and I am no exception. Beyond their being synonymous to music itself, these instruments are beautiful through their physical qualities as well. I have thus created this linocut work for the beauty of pianos, violins, harps, and all other classical instruments whose names escape me. It is a great gift for all those who love music, even more so for people who play an instruments (and I strongly admire, but do not understand).
The row of depicted instruments envisages an orchestra and is meant to make the viewer hear his/her favorite piece of classical music, jazz, or any other kind played with such instruments. It is a visual song.

Due to the work’s size, the best way to send it is in a cardboard tube, and you will be able to frame it according to your taste and budget 🙂 Each work is signed, dated, and entitles in pencil.

The present work is in black/very dark brown ink on white/very light ocher paper. If you are interested in other color combinations, please let me know!

Size: 30 x 47 cm

See the item on ETSY.

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